30 Nov 2012

creativeLIVE workshop

Crafting Today’s Digital Workflow & Today’s Color

30 Nov 2012

Crafting Today’s Digital Workflow

& Today’s Color Management


Join Eddie Tapp as he helps you create a new digital workflow! Follow the workflow from shooting portraits and headshots to finding your winning images, then using creative portrait enhancement techniques to get the most out of your pictures. Learn about processing images in Lightroom, and for your best images, when and why to use Smart Objects. Portrait artist Judy Host will also be joining us for a special session on how to incorporate graphics and textures into your work. And finally, learn to show off your work by creating an exciting slideshow!

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  1. Frank Bramkamp December 9th, 2012 2:09PM

    The workshop looks really interesting. Also the Color Management workshop is great, since this topic often causes many questions and problems where people are not aware of the real need for it. A good chance to learn more about your work and approach.
    Have a great Seminar, Frank.